Quality Thread Test 1- Rampworld Cardiff

Apr 14, 2014



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So, we Gewfy Industrialists went to Rampworld in Cardiff to get photographs at the start of March – which we got, I’m sure you’ll agree because you can see them here in this other blog post, but we’re also super-happy to be able to bring you this 3 minute burst of gewfy goodness.

There was a load of docu-style footage from the evenings session so we though we’d put a little something together to make you all smile.

You’ll see people like Messrs. Dan Katchi, Lewys Watkins and Harry Osborne doing their thing, you’ll see Jason Carpenter, head honcho at Rampworld in Cardiff in there, and some general messing around, along with some other japes and capers, with everyone in Gewfy Industries threads, and all set to a blinding Planetman track called ‘Julio’.

The results of the first Gewfy Industries Quality Thread Test Session was positive…very positive – more tests to be done on a regular basis to ensure ‘Quality threadness’ is at a constant high standard.

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