Quality Thread Test 2 – Southbank & HTC One Skate Park at Selfridges

May 5, 2014



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Quality Thread Test 2 - Southbank & HTC One Skate Park

The realisation that we fully lucked-out with the weather on the 15th April, pasted Gewfy smiles of amped excitedness on the faces of all as the raz-wagon, loaded with snacks, skateboards, rucksacks, McDonalds breakfasts and sleepy-dudes ventured out over the bridge at an un-godly hour, deftly piloted by Big D.

Dumping the wagon in a random ‘Stepford Wives-like’ outer-lying suburb at the edge of the M25, we scored tickets for the ‘Fast’ train to Waterloo, just a 5 minute roll away from our first destination, and one of the most iconic skate spots in the world – Southbank.


London was being good to us – it was blazing sunshine and an almost empty Southbank as we rocked-up and the boys went about setting-up their playlists, pluggin’ themselves in and warming for the the 2 hour session at the HTC One skate park at Selfridges a couple of hours later.

Harry Osborne just started ripping the banks and ledges, Lewys Watkins floated about the place hitting a couple nice lines, and Dan Katchi quickly gained a new nemesis in Southbank’s dirty 8-set. The Gewfy Industries team were turning some heads as we had to wrap-up and head underground to make our way to the HTC One skate park at Selfridges.

HTC One Skate Park at Selfridges

It was a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis at the HTC park, and we arrived later than planned, 5 minutes before the session was due to start, to a massive que of 7 whole people – London really was being good to us. So we had the HTC One skate park at Selfridges almost to ourselves for the first 30 mins as Dan Katchi and Lewys Watkins began to explore the skate park they had been dreaming about for the previous 3 weeks.

The Gewfy Industries team rode hard – all of them. Due to ridiculous rules at HTC, Harry Osborne was not allowed to ride his scooter in the park(no BMX & no in-liners either) so he just chilled like a boss, happy to just be there and still stoked on ripping Southbank for the first time.

The HTC One Skate park was awesome – Dan Katchi & Lewys Watkins ripped it apart for 2 hours until they could rip no more, at which point sustenance was sought.

There was a swift re-visit to a slightly more crowded Southbank on the way back to Waterloo to kill some time before getting our train back to the random satellite town we left the van in.

With everyone sun-soaked and stoked, Lewys and Harry took advantage of the long van ride back to South Wales and, well…slept most of the way.

Quality Thread Test 2 Result : Cracking

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