Hippy Killer Garage Co.


Hippy Killer’s Kutty Noteboom was born and raised in Southern California. Where he grew up skating and listening to punk rock. Unlike most kids his age though, he took an ealy interest in custom bikes and cars, mostly due to his influence of his father, famous car builder Jim “Bones” Noteboom.

Ever since he’s had is drivers license, Kutty has been riding and building(his first bike was a ‘70 Honda chopper) works of art that have been featured in practically every motorcycle magazine in the world. He has also gained worldwide notoriety, and has been featured in the movie ‘Choppertown’.

Check out www.hippykiller.com for more info.

Also available through the following retailers :

Freestyle Skate Store
Newport Arcade
High St
NP20 1GD.
Monday Mo.Co
The Custard Factory
Gibb Street
B4 9AA.

For information on Hippy Killer Apparel at a distribution level please contact Gewfy Industries on 01446 731188.

Hippy Killer ¦ Filtrate Eywear Sunglasses Collab

Filtrate Eyewear continue their tradition of going to the engineer to develop sunglasses with that bit of something that makes them special. The Hippy Killer Collaboration is no different. Instead of creating a pair of wrap around shades and asking a hm to put his name on it, Fitrate Eyewear asked Hippy Killer Garage Co.‘s Kutty Noteboom what they should look like, and how they had to perform. Check out the video, then check out the Hippy Killer/Filtrate Eyewear Sunglasses.

Ken Fox Troupe Wall of Death

We took the Hippy Killer sunglasses out to the Bulldog Bash for 3 days, the day they landed on our shores to gauge the feeling of the general biker public in the UK. They went down a treat with festival goers, and the guys from the Ken Fox Troupe Wall of Death liked them enough to spend some time having a laugh with us and wear them during thier show. Best spectacle we’ve seen in ages, go see them if you can, and check them out at www.wallofdeath.info