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We bring you Filtrate Eyewear!

Filtrate Eyewear based in San Clemente, California, manufacture premium quality Sunglasses with an unparalleled build quality, style and sophistication. Filtrate Eyewear Sunglasses are already making a huge impact in the USA and in Australia, and now for the first time they are available here in the UK…currently only from us.

Filtrate Eyewear is committed to the pursuit of individual artistic style. Our inspiration is the creative noise that surrounds and drives us to provide a valued alternative to the established order. We make premium quality accessible so you have more change left over for the important things in life.

Hippy Killer ¦ Filtrate Eywear Sunglasses Collab

Filtrate Eyewear continue their tradition of going to the engineer to develop sunglasses with that bit of something that makes them special. The Hippy Killer Collaboration is no different. Instead of creating a pair of wrap around shades and asking a hm to put his name on it, Fitrate Eyewear asked Hippy Killer Garage Co.‘s Kutty Noteboom what they should look like, and how they had to perform. Check out the video, then check out the Hippy Killer/Filtrate Eyewear Sunglasses.

Filtrate Eyewear/Proper Barbershop Collaboration

Filtrate Eyewear collaborated with The Proper Barbershop from Los Angeles, CA. These efforts were directed to develop and create our Working Class collection, directly geared toward the people who do what they love and work with their hands. #ChangeYourPerception

Check out the Filtrate Eyewear Working Class collection here.

Filtrate Eyewear Working Class

Filtrate Eyewear Frame Materials


Memory Flex (Grilamid TR-90) frames are your economical and durable everyday ‘Use and Abuse’ option.


Individually hand-crafted for a premium finish with a personalized touch.

Raw Acetate

Premium acetate left unrefined to give every piece a unique organic look and feel.


Timeless shapes avaliable in polished black or chrome finishes.

Filtrate Eyewear Raw Collection

Filtrate Eyewear Lens Options


(Resin Polymer) lens is half the weight of glass with excellent optical clarity. High scratch resistant and UV protection.

Filtrate Eyewear High-def Lenses


(PC) lens is lightweight and up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses. Provides 100% protection from UV rays.

Filtrate Eyewear Polycarbonate Lenses


Nylon lens has excellent optical clarity with a high resistance to cracking making it better suited to rimless and metal frame styles.

Filtrate Eyewear Nylon Lenses


Eliminates 99% of glare from water, snow, and other flat surfaces for enhanced visibility and color contrast. Provides 100% protection from UV rays.

Filtrate Eyewear Polarized Lenses


Reflective flash coating layer available in red, blue, and green.

Filtrate Eyewear Mirrored Lenses
Filtrate Eyewear Pancho

Filtrate Eyewear Hardware

Metal Hinges

All frames come standard with 5 or 7 barrel metal hinges.

Lock-tight screw

Nylon sleeved screw to prevent hinge back out.

Filtrate Eyewear Hardware