Gewfy Industries are proud to be the UK distributor for Filtrate Eyewear, based in San Clemente, California, who manufacture premium quality Sunglasses with an unparalleled build quality, style and sophistication.

Filtrate Sunglasses are already making a huge impact in the USA and in Australia, and now for the first time they are available here in the UK. Gewfy Distribution are the UK wholesale distributor for Filtrate Eyewear – if you would just like to buy a pair, then please visit our store.

Filtrate Eyewear UK Distribution

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Working Glass - Filtrate Eyewear

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Filtrate/Proper Barbershop Collaboration

Filtrate collaborated with The Proper Barbershop from Los Angeles, CA. These efforts were directed to develop and create our Working Class collection, directly geared toward the people who do what they love and work with their hands. #ChangeYourPerception

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RAW Finish

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Filtrate Eyewear is committed to the pursuit of individual artistic style. Our inspiration is the creative noise that surrounds and drives us to provide a valued alternative to the established order. We make premium quality accessible so you have more change left over for the important things in life.

Filtrate Eyewear Working GlassFiltrate Eyewear ClassicsFiltrate Raw

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Filtrate Eyewear Classics

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