Fancy Lad Skateboard Co.

homercat Fancy Lad skateboard Co. stand near enough alone, almost the antithesis of the scene today, supplying the everyday skater with hope and drive, letting them know that ‘the love of the game’ is enough – in fact the kerb outside your house is enough.

In their own words :
“About the only thing here at Fancy LAD we take seriously are our jokes. The funniest joke of all is failure. You can’t spell fail without FL. The unexpected outcome. The truth of spontaneity. A purity of essence. We use chaos as a gateway to the unknown creating a new path. Nothing that can be measured by skill or talent, that of which we have very little of. Our path is forged by passion and ingenuity. In a world full of sportsmen, here stand a few real dudes; has-beens and never was nobodies, modern day skate jesters ready to withstand humility and simultaneously glory. Fulfilling our position in the universe. The clever opposition to the standard of mass appeal.”

Fancy Lad Goods