Fancy Lad Skateboard Co.

Gewfy Industries now offer Fancy Lad Skateboard Co. decks and apparel for UK Fancy Lad distribution to retail.

Vice.com called Fancy Lad ‘the best thing in skateboarding right now‘, ‘like someone farted fresh air into my inbox‘, they said. To be fair, they also called them a ‘pack of fucktards‘, but they say there’s is a fine line between genius and insanity, and we believe this misfit pack of insane geniuses are the future, they are the anti-hero’s of skate, an every-mans skateboard company and something we can get on-board with in todays souless glitz and glam based society…they’re gonna save us all, and thats why we love ’em.

Check out www.fancyladskateboards.com for more info, or visit our store if you just want to purchase something, or give us a call on 01446 731188 for more information on Fancy Lad Distribution in the UK.


Call Gewfy Industries on 01446 731188

Call Gewfy Industries on 01446 731188

Watch Fancy Lad Skate Co.’s FL3!

Fancy Lad: New Hell

Fancy Lad: This is not the New Coliseum