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With the UK weather holding up for once, actually making it feel like summer, Gewfy Industries headed up to the border to check out the reletively new concrete at Monmouth Skatepark. → Read more

Photo: CJ Photo

The Fancy Lad FL3 UK Premiere & Skate Jam took place at Spit & Sawdust Skate Park in Cardiff on the 31st January 2015. FL3 went down a treat with all those who came to embrace the avant-gnar, eat great food, and skate. → Read more


The School of RAD was pretty RAD, and here’s why…

At 11am on Sunday 27th July, the morning of The School of RAD, Cardiff Skate park Spit & Sawdust was prepped and ready to recieve young rippers, ready to learn and ride with the Gewfy riders.

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School of RAD

Gewfy Industries, in proud association with the fine, fine folks at Spit & Sawdust, City Surf & Filtrate Eyewear bring you the School of RAD at Spit & Sawdust Skatepark in Cardiff on the 27th July 2014. → Read more

Quality Thread Test 2 - Southbank & HTC One Skate Park

The realisation that we fully lucked-out with the weather on the 15th April, pasted Gewfy smiles of amped excitedness on the faces of all as the raz-wagon, loaded with snacks, skateboards, rucksacks, McDonalds breakfasts and sleepy-dudes ventured out over the bridge at an un-godly hour, deftly piloted by Big D. → Read more


So, we Gewfy Industrialists went to Rampworld in Cardiff to get photographs at the start of March – which we got, I’m sure you’ll agree because you can see them here in this other blog post, but we’re also super-happy to be able to bring you this 3 minute burst of gewfy goodness. → Read more


So, it’s started then – thanks for taking a look. Feels like its been a long time coming and a lot of hard work to get here – we are Gewfy Industries, and we make quality threads for quality shreds. → Read more