Filtrate Eyewear

Gewfy Industries is a UK distribution label working with both large established brands and new smaller companies around the globe to provide a uk distribution outlet and help promote and raise awareness of their brands and products in the UK. We’re proud to be currently working with Angry Pirate Surf Wax, Fancy Lad Skateboard Co., Filtrate Eyewear & Hippy Killer Garage Co. for exclusive UK distribution. Please get in touch for wholesale pricing.

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Jesse James/Gewfy Industries Ltd. Ed. ‘Toys’ Collab T-shirt now available!

Exlusively from Gewfy Industries and straight outta the beautifully twisted mind of Fancy Lad Team Rider, and King of Fradada Land, Mr. Jesse James, the Jesse James/Gewfy Industries ‘Toys’ collab T-shirt, represents a celebration of all things useless. Get one while you can, they wont be around for long.

Jesse’s personal suggestion is to watch Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Toys, Jumanji & Useless Wooden Toys at the same time, whilst wearing your new t-shirt to gain RAD points and unlock your own special move.


The Goods…

UK Distribution of Angry Pirate Surf Wax

Angry Pirate Wax are a small, UK based surfboard wax company that provide surf wax specially formulated for the cooler UK waters, that as a result provides superior friction to many other waxes that have been developed in warmer climes. Made for surfers by surfers, Angry Pirate started life as a couple of mates messing around on flat days experimenting with making their own board wax, for them an their mates in South Wales, UK. Cut to 6 months later and Gewfy Industries are now the sole distributor for the most laugh inducing surfboard wax company on the planet – make Angry Pirate Surf Wax your next sticky mess. Take a look at Angry Pirate Surf Wax >>>

UK Distribution of Fancy Lad Skateboard Co.

Hailing from Boston USA, Fancy Lad Skateboard Co. assualt the Skateboard industry with a totally different view. Not your average team, the Fancy Lad boys give a whole new perspective and creative angle to Skateboarding in todays scene. With a nod to how it used to be, Fancy Lad provide the everyday skater with the knowledge that its not all about the biggest ramps and the newest skate-parks, its not about the sponsorship, the money or the fame – it’s about the love of the game and riding whatever terrain your local spot has to offer. Its about the creativity and individuality of a rider, and that going against the mass appeal is not a bad thing – it’s for the rightous and the true.

Gewfy Industries are proud to offer to the UK retail market Fancy Lad Skateboards & apparel. Be creative, be different and above all…be you. Take a look at Fancy Lad Skateboard Co. >>>

UK Distribution of Hippy Killer Garage Co. Apparel

Hippy Killer Garage is a custom Chopper and Hotrod garage based in Southern California, USA. Owner Kutty Noteboom grew-up, skateboarding, listening to punk-rock and wrenching on engines under the wing of his famous Hot rod-building father, and Hippy Killer founder Jim Noteboom.

Hippy Killer Garage Co. contuinue to build custom choppers and hot-rods to this day, and the company also provide range of apparel suited to a number of niche UK retail market places – namely the skate & surf, alt. music and custom bike and car scenes. The bold, vintage americana style graphics and a deep-seated history in the US custom car culture make Hippy Killer Garage Co. apparel an obvious choice for the emerging cross-over, niche markets found in the UK marketplace today. Take a look at Hippy Killer >>>

UK Distribution of Filtrate Eyewear Sunglasses

Filtrate Eyewear are a Sunglasses manufacturer based in San Clemente, California, whose brand has a global reputation for high-quality, fresh looking sunglasses at a resonable price. Filtrate Eyewear already have huge success in both the US and Australian market-place due to their look, the range of styles available and the brands unique approach to the design of the sunglasses.

The US and Austraian markets are a good place to look, as they’re more aware of the serious implications of sun damage to the eyes, and as such take it very seriously. We, here in the UK generally have a slightly more relaxed outlook on sunglasses as eye protection, (mostly due to our general lack of sun) and see it more as a fashion accessory, seeing ‘eye protection’ as overpriced and generally opting for a cheaper alternative.

Filtrate Eyewear represent the crossover between those outlooks – at a hugely competitive price, they provide a range of 100% UV protection, HD optically correct lenses, polarised, mirrored and polycarbonate lense options in a range of styles that cover the entire sunglasses market-place from niche ‘Collaboration’ sunglasses, to a wide range of classic, and contemporary shapes, and finishes appreciated globally. Take a look at Filtrate Eyewear >>>

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